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Your Holiday Workout Routine

Man doing pushups in a gym

If your holiday time spent in the apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA doesn’t include a fair bit of exercise, there’s a chance you’ll be packing on a few pounds through the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s season. Think about it. All that time laughing with friends, eating fine meals prepared by family, and downing even more delectable spirits if you’re the type to indulge. If you’re complacent, it’s the perfect recipe for upping your number next time you step on the scale, but if you maintain a steady workout routine during the holidays, you’ll be more likely to stave off any unintended weight gains. What’s the best way to go about it? Read on, because today, we’re going to be giving you a few tips on how to perfect your holiday workout routine.

The Secret to Holiday Workouts

The thing about holiday workouts is that they work best when they’re portable. During that Thanksgiving to New Year’s period, you’ll either find yourself on the road visiting family members or at home doing plenty of hosting, so your access to the gym will likely be limited at best. Therefore, you want to make sure the workout you do is one that’s short and one you can do without the need of a lot of equipment.

This “condensed but intense” approach, as Active calls it, works best at about thirty minutes, and can consist with a warm up followed by various bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Need some ideas to get your noggin jogging? Try a few of these sample routines on for size:

Holiday Workout #1

Begin with a 5-10 minute stretch of skipping rope. This is an easy activity that nearly everyone can do, and you can vary the intensity to match your overall level of fitness.

Follow up your rope jumping with some pushups. Again, this is a pretty straightforward exercise, but in case you’ve forgotten the correct technique, be sure to review Men Health’s ten-step approach to pulling them off perfectly. Alignment and elbow movement are key, so be sure not to cut any corners so you can get the most benefit out of every repetition.

With your pushups done, move onto the deceptively simple plank exercise. Be sure to exercise proper alignment, keeping your body in a straight line and planting your elbows like you’re pushing away from the floor. To keep from sagging your hips or raising your backside too high, pretend you’re squeezing a coin betwixt your butt cheeks, giving a good clench to maintain proper positioning.

Round this workout set out with some squats. Believe it or not, Nerd Fitness has a great guide on how to execute proper bodyweight squats, which includes tips on foot placement (you should be standing with your feet slightly wider than your hips, pointed outward at a 5 to 20-degree angle) and spine position (you want your spine neutral, with your chest and shoulders up).

Cool down by jogging in place for a few minutes, and you’ll have just completed a quick holiday workout that will get your heart going and help strengthen up some key muscle groups.

Holiday Workout #2

Instead of the jump rope, you’ll be starting this holiday workout set with some jumping jacks. Start out with some basic jacks, then add some modifications like squats and rotations to work other parts of your body during this warm up.

From here, move onto to some demanding tricep dips. You’ll need a chair or stool to place your hands on, then, with your feet flat on the floor, you’ll want to lift your buttocks off of the seating area until your arms are in a straightened position (don’t lock your elbows, though). Lower yourself toward the ground, keep your body close to the chair (or stool) then, once you’ve bent your elbows as far as you’re able to, repeat the process. Do 10 to 20 repetitions (or more, if you can).

Next, try some incline T-pushups. Again, you’ll need a bench or other inclined surface to work with. You’ll want to place your hands shoulder-width apart, extend your legs back, and keep your body aligned straight. Do your inclined pushup, and as you come back up, rotate your body until you’re in a side plank position with one arm going up toward the ceiling. Repeat the process, this time sending the other arm up. Do 15 to 20 of these, and you’ll start feeling the burn.

Lunges are up next, and if you’ve ever knelt down for any reason at all, you’ve already got part of process committed to memory. There are just a few extra notes to observe to make sure you get the full exercise benefit here. Be sure to stand up straight with your feet apart at hip-width. Take big steps, and lower your body until your thigh is parallel with the floor and your right shin is perpendicular to the floor. Alternate between left and right legs, and you’ve got it.

Finish up with some front kicks, again, alternating between legs, to finish this holiday workout and ease yourself back into your other holiday duties. You’ll feel better having burned a few calories, and be ready to take on whatever your friends or relatives throw at you next.

Extra Tips to Help You Stay in Shape

In addition to maintaining a steady workout schedule, be sure to watch your caloric intake during those holiday meals, moderate your alcohol consumption, and take time to relax to keep yourself from getting stressed out. In combination, these steps will help you stay at your healthiest through New Year’s day and beyond.

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