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Your DTLA Guide For Coffee

Two women laugh and high five each other as they sit at a cafe bar with cups of coffee before them

To the casual observer, Downtown Los Angeles Might seem like a one-note sector of the city, a place with a lot of fancy buildings, a few happening bars, and not much else on offer. Maybe they know about the unique architecture of the cultural districts, or the amazing array of museums, or the fact that Downtown has one of the best selection of apartments for rent in Los Angeles. While all those facets of Downtown are true, the wonders here go deeper. Did you know, for instance, that DTLA is one of the best places in the city to grab a quality cup of coffee?

Getting Your Caffeine Fix In DTLA

While the bars and night spots have played a significant role in Downtown's return to prominence, it's important to note that the influx of premiere coffee shops has also done wonders for transforming the area into a happening neighborhood as well. There are dozens of shops—from tiny spots with cozy atmospheres to larger coffee spots with integrated spaces for working—all of them bring something unique to the table. While we can't cover them all, here are few standouts that are representative of what you'll find in the area.

Elabrew Coffee

What happens when you take hardcore coffee enthusiasts and let them run wild? You get a place like Elabrew Coffee, that's what. Located on East 6th Street, this coffee spot aspires for an artistic flair, with their stated goal being to "make you happy while transcending your coffee experience." This is evident from the moment you step inside Elabrew, from the well-designed graphics to the unique layout. Even the name, "Elabrew" evokes the sense of an enhanced experience.

Of course, style is nothing without substance, and on that end Elabrew succeeds as well. Their coffee, by all accounts, is quite good. Zagat notes that it's a great option for grabbing some "espresso and cappuccino without having to leave the 'hood," and the customer reviews put Elabrew just shy of 5-stars. Beyond their superior aesthetic and selection of great coffee, Elabrew also has a few extras that might appeal to the hippest of coffee fanatics.

One is their coffee truck. Just fill out a form on their site, and you too can book the truck for your private events. Imagine, some of the best coffee in the city, served just for you and your guests at your next function? Elabrew also has an array of cool coffee-centric merch, including shirts, prints, and graphic mugs. You can show off that coffee lover pride no matter where you go.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Off on South Santa Fe Avenue, close to the L.A. River, you'll find Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Long considered the locus of Downtown's ascendance into the coffee spotlight, Stumptown Coffee brings with it a range of positive features that make it a favorite for residents from all over downtown. First and foremost, the location. The approximately 7,000-square foot warehouse space provides plenty of room for the morning rush crowd. Combined with the fact that they have a fairly decent sized parking lot, and you've got a recipe for packing in the customers.

Armed with their ample coffee roasting equipment, Stumptown is bringing it with a large menu spanning more than 20 options (both coffees and espressos). On top of that, they've got plenty of delicious pastries to pair your great cup of coffee with, ensuring a perfect snack with every visit. The mocha and nitro cold brews rank high in the list of fan favorite menu items. Of the many standout "extra features" this establishment provides, the great music, ample outdoor seating, and beautiful location are among the most notable.

Verve Coffee DTLA

Great coffee from a chain shop? You'd best believe it. Verve Coffee, located on 833 South Spring Street, may have started as a Santa Cruz exclusive, but they've spread their roots throughout the world, including their bustling location in the Arts District in DTLA. This is a highly respected coffee shop, and for good reason. For those that want to park it for an hour or two and get some work done, Verve has plenty of space to do exactly that. Be it indoors or on the outdoor patio, there's room to set up your gear, hunker down, and go to town while sipping on some fantastic brews.

Speaking of brews, Verve has a reputation for providing some of the best. Awesome espressos, deep roasts, all served by expert staff who take the craft of customer service quite seriously. For those who prefer to cut and run, getting their coffee fix at home, they also provide brew kits for you to take with. Of course, it's not all about the coffee here, They've also got pastries, juice, and a wide selection of great merch for you to broadcast your status as a coffee-nerd to the world. When it comes to true "coffee specialists," Verve should be one of the first DTLA shops that comes to mind.

All Near The Best Apartments For Rent In Los Angeles

One of the greatest things about the multitude of amazing coffee shops in DTLA is the fact that they're all accessible from one of the neighborhood's most stunning apartment complexes—Atelier. Located on South Olive Street, the building is "right in the mix" if you're looking for prime coffee locations or anything else to do in the Downtown area. This modern, chic glass structure towers at 33 stories high, and is truly a sight to behold from any angle. That's just the exterior, though. Inside, the building is even more impressive.

Take the residences, for example. Atelier has a range of stunning floor plans to fit a range of different lifestyles. Whether you need more room, less room, or something in between, you'll likely find it here. Since it's an Atelier unit, you know it will come equipped with the cutting edge in modern amenities and the very best building features a top-tier apartment can provide. Explore an inspirational new way of life. Check out Atelier and see why it's considered the new standard for enjoyable city dwelling.