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Unique Workouts To Try in DTLA

Person exercising at indoor rock climbing gym

Ah, working out. To some it’s the thing they look forward to and to others it’s a bit of a chore. Though exercising is something we all should fit into our regimen, it can be tough if our workouts leave us feeling bored or if we’re not sure where to start in the first place. Luckily, DTLA is full of fun fitness classes and unique ways to exercise that’ll make working out something you’ll love.

LA Boulders

Three words: indoor rock climbing. Whether you’re an expert rock climber or have never heard of it until now, LA Boulders is the perfect place to get your fix. They’re a “bouldering-only” gym meaning you don’t need intimidating ropes or harnesses and you can work at your own pace. You can decide between playing around the gym for a bit to get the feel of it or taking a class to hone your skills on the 17ft high walls, allowing you to customize your visits to fit your needs. They offer everything you need to get started with day pass options and month subscriptions as well as any equipment you may require. We’ll see you on the walls.


Out with the typical workouts and in with the new and improved. From running and rowing to suspending and lifting, you’ll experience a workout like never before at Speedplay. Anyone from fitness fanatics to newbies can enjoy the high-intensity interval training they offer and feel their body move in a whole new way. The 60-minute classes pack unbelievable amounts of experiences into a short amount of time, all while a fitting playlist keeps you motivated. It’s time to revolutionize your workout.


As children, we thought of laser tag as nothing more than a fun way to show off our skills, but at LazRfit it’s so much more than that. The first studio of it’s kind, LazRfit turns cardio into something you won’t be able to get enough of. Before you enter the arena, you can warm up and prepare for quite possibly the most fun fitness you’ll ever encounter. If you want to maximize your experience even more, you can take the 45-minute LazRfit Experience course which includes warm-up, core exercises, LazRfit coaching and two rounds of the game. Let’s get lasering.

Atelier’s Fitness Center

We know that working out is tough as it is and Atelier is here to help make the experience just a little easier. Our expansive fitness center features a yoga and spin studio as well as Fitness on Demand™. Not only that, but you can visit the yoga terrace with unbeatable ambience for a satisfying exercise that doesn’t require any venturing from home.