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Top DTLA Restos to Revisit

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It’s a New Year with new vibes, and you might even have the pleasure of having some new hangouts or finding a place in some of the newest apartments for rent in Los Angeles. In the midst of all that newness, be sure to head back to some of these “old” DTLA establishments, as you’ll be treated to a mighty good time here in opening days of 2019.
The following represent some of the upper echelon when it comes to restaurants in DTLA. These are DTLA’s finest, and we’ll be giving you all the pertinent background information you’ll need to know going in, along with why we think each place is great.

Church & State

Located on Industrial Street near the eastern portion of Downtown, the Church & State Bistro is now well-known for their take on traditional (and all organic) French cuisine that pushes the boundaries of high quality eating. In addition to sourcing all their produce for their menu from local farms, there’s the an amazing cocktail selection for guests to enjoy here, along with a hearty wine list to boot. Their location in the original home of NABISCO adds a bit of history to their Arts District location, and sets the stage for some truly memorable meals here.

What we like most about Church & State is that even after ten years in business, they’re still managing to hit us with something new from time to time, experimenting while keeping the dining experience razor sharp and the food as amazing as ever. Among those dishes, there’s no going wrong with any of their vegetable offerings — the roasted butternut squash being one you’ll have to try at least once before year’s end.

Howlin’ Ray’s

A chicken joint on the best of list? You better believe it, and if you’ve ever been to Howlin’ Ray’s on North Broadway in Chinatown, you know exactly why. The “Nashville-style” moniker is appropriate, but even that doesn’t quite capture the true magnificence of the chicken here. Johnny Zone is a master of the arts when it comes to fixing up a good old yardbird, and some of the hotter variants Howlin’ Ray’s serves are enough to put any lover of spicy foods through their paces. A breakfast helping of chicken & waffles always tastes great here, and the fact that they keep the ingredients all natural is a much appreciated plus.

To top it off, Howlin’ Ray’s comes with a story that’s difficult to not fall in love with. Head chef Johnny and his wife Amanda are both seasoned in their crafts, with Johnny having studied under the likes of Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matsuhisa. Once the LA native got a taste of Nashville-style hot chicken, he knew he had to bring his own variant to the City of Angels, and so, we can now all enjoy a few pieces when we make the jaunt to Howlin’ Ray’s.


Head over to 7th Place, by the Los Angeles River, and you’ll come across Bestia, another husband and wife creation, this time geared toward Italian eats. Literally translated from Italian as “beast,” the name is rather appropriate, all things considered. They certainly have, as they describe themselves, a “hard edge” to their decor and interior design. Beyond that, though, the menu here dominates the creative Italian scene, much as a beast would an animal in the wild. Pizza, pasta, meats and more make up the hearty offerings here, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any that aren’t wholly delectable.

We’re partial to the slow-roasted lamb neck, with its subtle herbs and spices that make all the difference in the taste. You’ll find the pork porterhouse and tomahawk chop equally delicious, however, and that’s just scratching the surface of the many dishes Bestia serves. Whenever you decide to go, be sure to leave room for dessert, as treats like the whole wheat apple cider fritters represent the best of what an after-meal treat should be: sweet and fruity, with just enough zing to get your attention and keep you craving more.

Grand Central Market

No discussion of great food places in Downtown would be complete without a nod to Grand Central Market. The massive emporium on South Broadway has been around for more than a hundred years, and has served as a great unifier of LA’s cultures and cuisines since its inception. Here, you’ll find just about whatever it is you’re looking for, from a multitude of vendors in the 30,000-plus square-foot space. The list is long, and suffice to say we can’t cover all the individual offerings in just one post, but the level of diversity is vast and there’s more than enough to treat yourself to something new on every subsequent visit.

If you’re hungry for a prepared meal, you might try hitting up the Knead Pasta Bar, or the Eggslut, or Wexler’s Deli, or any of the other choice offerings you’ll find here — it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. What’s more, we’ve always been enchanted by Grand Central Market since it’s about more than just picking up great food or enjoying a satisfying meal. This place is all about community. You’ll find plenty of it just touring the market and interacting, and even more of it when you show up for fun events like trivia nights, live performances, cooking classes, and more. It’s really a one-stop shop of epic proportions, so be sure not to pass a trip to Grand Central Market by this year.

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