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Top 10 Dining Spots in DTLA

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Whether you're new to DTLA, have been living here a while, or are just passing through, these top 10 dining spots are sure to satisfy your hunger in class, and style. We've weeded through the masses, and plucked out the best of the best. These are not your run of the mill burger and bar restaurants, cookie cutter cafes, or just another wine bar. These are top of the line fine dining experiences.

1. 71 Above

Take the elevator up to the dining area and prepare to waited on hand and foot. The modern design and atmosphere are almost that of a lounge, but retain the nuances of a restaurant. If you sit by the windows, you'll experience a breathtaking view of the city. Their wine selection is matched only by the diversity of their menu. Each item is an artistic creation of flavor and freshness. Suckling Pig, Octopus, Oyster dishes, Hamachi, Farmed Eggs, and Sea Bass are just a few of the decadent dishes you can choose from. Their desserts are heavenly, and so is their bar. No expense is spared to bring you succulent food, masterfully blended cocktails, and top quality service.

2. Nick and Stef's Steakhouse

This eatery blends modern cooking styles with traditional recipes, then pairs them with only the finest of spirits. Prime Fiorentina Porterhouses pair with aged whiskey, while an Escabeche of Yellowtail goes well with a Strawberry Negroni. Whatever mix and match combo you can think of for your food and drink, they can make it. Appetizers and meals are prepared fresh right at your table, and sides like octopus legs and sunchokes really complete each meal. If you're looking for a unique fine dining experience, this is the place to go.

3. Bestia

With a heavy industrial theme, an astonishing patio , and impeccable service, Bestia certainly fits the bill for fine dining. However, it is their food that truly makes them stand out. People rave about the top quality dishes here. Agnolotti All Agnello, roasted bone marrow, saffron lobster, and a sea urchin Bottarga are some of the top choices. Especially the roasted bone marrow over spinach gnocchetti and aged balsamic. If you've never tried bone marrow before, it is easily one of the most delicious things you will ever taste.

4. Otium

Sleek, modern, and oh so stylish. Otium's looks are enough to let you know you've entered a place with class. Couple that with outstanding dishes such as donabe smoked hiramasa, foie gras funnel cake, and pork belly that are as filling as they are beautifully plated. Try any of their concoctions, like the pork belly french toast breakfast, you won't be disappointed. For a recommendation, try the duck leg pithivier!

5. Orsa & Winston

Delightfully artistic, this fine dining joint will have you coming back just to see what the other dishes look like. They have an interesting squid ink pasta with Maine lobster and an omelet with black truffle that makes for the perfect breakfast, but try the roasted Sonoma free-range lamb for a rich, filling dinner. For a lighter option, try the soup of English pea and spring garlic. The scallops are the perfect touch. When it comes to fine dining in DTLA, you just have to include Orsa & Winston.

6. Patina Restaurant

Here you'll find beef, chicken, turkey, and seafood dishes fit for a king's court. Your options are not only decadently crafted, but are also incredibly healthy. You can't go wrong with any of the soups for an appetizer and main courses like the roasted rack of lamb are so good that you'll know exactly where your money went. The trick at Patina is to save room for their heavenly desserts. Try the guanaja chocolate pallet, or the green apple and coconut battera.

7. Faith & Flower

If you're looking for one of the ritziest spots in the city, then look no further. Every inch of Faith & Flower quietly whispers its high class status as you are taken to your seat. Delicious smoked trout benedict makes for a fantastic brunch, while extravagant desserts like Absinthe lit baked Alaska are the perfect end to any night. Grilled jidori chicken with kale, grilled mesquite asparagus, scallop ceviche, and pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon are a mere few highlights from their outstanding menu. There are enough options here to keep you coming back, if you don't fall in love with the first dish you order that is.

8. Water Grill

No fine dining list is complete without an amazing seafood location. Fortunately, you live in L.A.! Being right next to the ocean allows for the freshest catches to be delivered right to your plate, while being in this great city offers you a fine dining experience to beat the rest. Octopus, oyster, lobster, shrimp, crab, sea bass, and more are spun into dishes by master chefs whose expertise on flavor and looks shines through on each plate. Don't just take our word for it, check them out on Yelp.

9. Perch

This is the kind of place you'd expect to find James Bond at. Sean Connery Bond, preferably. Live music mixes with killer cocktails to create a lively atmosphere of this rooftop location. Yes, its on a rooftop 15 floors up, which offers an amazing view of the city. Try some frog leg drumsticks, bone marrow dishes, the duck duck goose plate, or pair your wine with their 3 cheese of the day platter. Their drink selections are as great as their menu, and the whole experience is sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

10. DRAGO Centro

Every single dish from here is a little slice of heaven. The portion sizes are perfect, and the selection of meats, vegetables, and fish taste wonderfully fresh. Their outdoor dining conservatory is filled with plants and marvelous lights, but what will really grab your attention is their extensive selection of fine wines and spirits. For a recommendation, their seared tuna is out of this world.

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Living in DTLA, then treat yourself to these top 10 fine dining experiences you won't find anywhere else. Each of these spots offer you the best experience possible while remaining unique and exotic in their own right.