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The Best French Food in DTLA

Close up of two French crepes on a plate

Instantly recognizable, French cuisine has long exerted its significant influence on Western food in general. The deep, culture heritage of France makes its presence known in every dish, and sophisticated food fanatics can instantly tell the difference between pretenders and the real thing. In Los Angeles, near Atelier DTLA, there are a great many fine establishments serving only the best of the French Selection. Here's an overview of some of the spots you'll want to check out once you've made your move to the city.


Located on 128 East 6th Street, Mignon is a compact food & wine bar that specializes in smaller production and maximum choice. Firm believers in providing an authentic, Old World flavor, they offer wide range of traditional French cuisine along with artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. Upon entering, you'll be treated to an assortment of delectable menu options.

Small plates like olives, raw roots, and warm dates are par for the course. Perusing the rest of the menu, you'll find escargot, sardines, sandwiches, smoked fish, and much more on offer. The wine selection is substantial, with a variety of reds, whites, and roses. You'll also find fine dessert wines and beers as well. Happy hours and wine tasting days come frequently, so be sure to check their calendar to learn more.

The verdict? Mignon has a firm grasp on the "small plate" concept, providing great food at highly reasonable prices. You can't go wrong treating yourself here.

Crêpes Sans Frontières

The most delicious and delicate of pastries, the crêpe, can be an intense fusion of flavors. When you're ready to satisfying your craving for light dough and flavorful fillings, you'll find Crêpes Sans Frontières at 541 South Spring Street, near Pershing Square. Here, they claim, "the possibilities are endless." You'll find 100% organic, buckwheat crêpes, with fillings ranging from lemon and powdered sugar to various berry and cream blends.

These crêpes, also known as galettes, are promoted as a healthier option than true wheat crêpes, so if you're trying to eat great but watch your diet, you can do so with Crêpes Sans Frontières' gluten free choices. Though crêpes might be the specialty here, you'll also find sandwiches and paninis, along with rich coffee, tea, and cold drinks to satisfy your appetite.

When it comes to crêpes, most agree that you'd be hard pressed to find a better selection than Crêpes Sans Frontières. The atmosphere and friendly staff make their food just that much better.

Garçons de Café

Head just a bit further down South Spring Street and you'll find yourself at Garçons de Café, a unique combination of trendy eatery and upscale clothing outlet. Here, you'll find a sizable list of food choices and wine options. Fine sandwiches, cheeses, charcuterie, and coffee are just the tip of the iceberg. There's also a special brunch menu available Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM-3PM.

This is one establishment that takes a particular pride in their French heritage, as they purport to take "the most exquisite products," all "proudly made in France," and deliver them to their Southern California audience. Garçons de Café is just about as authentic as it gets.


Perch is known for its glitz and glamour, sitting high on the rooftop at 448 Hill Street. While viewing the splendor of Los Angeles' downtown from up above, you'll be treated to a delicately crafted atmosphere, complete with beautiful antique furniture, fireplaces, and strategically placed plant life. As you get comfortable in the plush chairs and couches, you'll enjoy live jazz and skilled DJs plying their trade, soothing you with their mellow tunes. Then there's the food.

Perch is also well-known for their delicious French cuisine and drink offerings. You'll likely find something to enjoy from the selection of hors-d'oeuvres, salads, and plat principal, but you'll find the most impressive variety in their beer, wine, and cocktail menu. Whites and reds, sweet wines, bubbly champagne, draught and bottled beer, and a range of cleverly named mixed drinks will keep you well supplied for an evening out.


Head over to the Walt Disney Concert Hall on 141 South Grand Avenue, and you'll find Patina, widely considered the elite of fancy French-American fusion. Described as "award-winning," and "Michelin starred," this restaurant has earned its stripes, and offers a variety of fine cheeses, wines, and other culinary delights under the guidance of talented Master Chef Joachim Splichal.

In addition to the amazing food, you'll be able to enjoy one of the many restaurant-sponsored events that occur regularly, or hold a private function at the restaurant if you so choose. Patina also caters, so you can get that masterfully done French-style brought right to you for your next upscale function. If you're heading out for an evening at Patina's, be sure to make a reservation in advance, as this is one of the most popular spots in the downtown area.

Kendall's Brasserie

For another upscale interpretation on the French classics, you can head to 135 North Grand Avenue, right near Grand Park LA. Here, you'll find Kendall's Brasserie, a member of the "Patina Group" of restaurants, and a specialist in small plates, charcuterie, salads, sandwiches, and full-blown entrees you'll find quite appetizing. Lunch, dinner, and brunch are the main focuses here, though, you'll also find plenty of great options on the dessert menu, along with some well-placed happy hour snacks and an extensive wine selection as well.

Enjoy It All From Atelier DTLA

If you want to experience the thrill of authentic French food for yourself, you'd do well to situate yourself right in the midst of the bustle of downtown LA. Atelier is like a front row seat to all the action, and puts you well within striking distance of all the fine food and culture you care to partake in. The 33-story structure offers well-designed residences, a host of modern amenities, and thrilling views of the city that make it one of the most impressive examples of DTLA's transformation into an upscale paradise. Check out what Atelier has to offer, and catch a glimpse at the life you could be living today.