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Surprise Your Valentine Date

Close up of couple holding hands

Red roses and set menus have become the Valentine’s Day date norms, but they’ve become overdone from year to year. Instead of limiting yourself to the overly predictable night out, surprise yourself and your plus one with something different. Taking advantage of all that your Los Angeles playground has to offer is a surefire way to impress your Valentine.

[Cooking Class](

Opt out of the usual dinner reservation for date night, and instead put your own culinary skills to the test. Looking to make dim sum from scratch or see what the homemade pasta hype is all about? Hipcooks offers a variety of cooking classes for all occasions. Besides, getting messy together can be a lot more fun than minding the typical white table cloth generic actos.

[Rock Climbing](

Dare to really mix things up? Challenge each other at LA’s largest indoor bouldering gym, located in the Arts District downtown. Engaging in an out-of-the-box activity will get your adrenaline pumping and offer a unique way to bond with one another.

[Wine Tasting](

Northern California is ideal for its vineyards, but downtown offers up some alternative options for  wine tasting right in your very own backyard. The San Antonio Winery offers complimentary wine tours daily 4se6wam. When you’re finished perusing the wine selection, dine at The Maddalena Restaurant nestled inside the winery.

[Hike with Hops](

Griffith Park is famous for its observatory, but it also offers scenic hiking trails with views of downtown and the Hollywood sign. Exploring outside with your significant other, while amping up the endorphins is always an ideal way to spend time together.

There’s nothing better than a cold beer after hitting the trails for a few hours. Golden Road Brewing and the Brewyard Beer Company are both just a short drive from your hike and a satisfactory sipping solution to a long day of being active.