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Saint Patrick's Day In DTLA

Four people celebrating Saint Patrick's Day

While you’re taking the time this March to look for swanky, downtown apartments for rent that are pet-friendly, remember that places like Atelier also put you well within striking distance of all the fine Saint Patrick’s Day partying that will no doubt be occurring once the 17th rolls around. Instead of sweating whether or not your four-legged friend will be comfortable while you explore the city, you’ll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that they’re secure in the lap of luxury while you enjoy all the amazing festivities.

And there will be amazing festivities. While Los Angeles’ car-heavy culture might make the prospect of getting a bit toasted and wandering from bar-to-bar seem difficult, you’d do well to note that downtown Los Angeles is just a bit easier to traverse than the rest of the city, and, in addition to that, there’s more than bar crawling to be done on this day of green. DTLA is packed full with fine Saint Patrick’s Day events, a few of which we’ll cover below to give you some much-needed inspiration while planning your Saturday outing.

What’s Going On This Saint Patrick’s Day

In case you didn’t pick up on it already, this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day is occurring Saturday, March 17th. If you have a traditional 9-5 (or some kind of job with a flexible schedule), this means you’ll have the whole day free to pack with fun events. Even if you don’t though, you’ll still want to peer through our list, as you may find something that works well with the hours you will have free over the weekend.

Downtown LA Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl And Beer Garden

Perhaps the pinnacle of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrating will be the Downtown LA Pub Crawl, kicking off Saturday at 1:00PM and lasting until Sunday at 2:00AM. This massive spectacle, organized by Nasstive Entertainment, will provide plenty to enjoy:

“Receive your St. Patrick's Day map, free welcome shot and drink coupons to use at 10 different downtown LA venues. Check in at the massive LA Biergarten with 100 beers on tap and enjoy a free welcome shot. DJ's, live music, and St. Patrick's Day photo booth all day and night.”

Those participating venues, by the way, are only blocks away from one another at the most, so you can feel free to wander around without any worries about heading in the right direction. Just be sure to check in at the LA Biergarten at 750 South Broadway Avenue, any time from 1:00PM to 9:00PM, to pick up your wristband and Saint Patrick’s Day Kit. As for the bar’s you’ll be able to hit, there’s already a convenient list, courtesy of Nasstive themselves:

  • LOS ANGELES BIERGARTEN - free welcome shot / $4 green beer / $4 Jameson & Guinness / $5 corned beef & cabbage

  • MRS FISH - $6 beer / $8 Irish mule

  • CROCKER CLUB - free entry until 10 pm / $5 beers and wells

  • LIBRARY BAR - $4 high life draft / $6 Irish mules

  • BEELMAN'S PUB - $4 high life draft / $6 Irish mules

  • BAR MATTACHINE - $5 shot/ $7 wells / $3 Miller lites

  • GOLDEN ROAD BREWING - $5 Golden Road beers / $1 off appetizers

  • SPRING STREET - $4 high life draft / $6 Irish mules

  • SIXTH STREET TAVERN- $4 high life draft / $6 Irish mules

  • CLIFTON'S - Free welcome shot / $8 select cocktails

  • THE RESERVE - Free entry until 11 pm

  • GOLDEN GOPHER - $1 off all Irish drinks / $9 carbombs / $5 wells / $7 mules

  • BROADWAY BAR - Free welcome shot w/ purchase / $5 Guinness and Jameson shots

  • BAR MATTACHINE - $5 shots / $7 wells / $7 Miller lite

  • LA CITA - $10 Guinness swirl / Free entry until 10 pm

  • JOE’S PIZZA - One free fountain drink with purchase of pizza slice

  • BUZZ - $6 Irish beer flight / $7 wine flight

  • EL DORADO BAR - Free shot w/ purchase / $5 beers / $6 car bombs

And those are just some of the fine establishments that are participating. Make sure you get your tickets so you can secure that St. Patty’s Day map and learn about all the places around downtown that you can head to for some fun. If you aren’t the pub crawling sort, though, you might instead want to check out one of the other events that will be occurring around that time instead?

Leprechaun 25th Anniversary Screening

Leprechaun is a sub-par horror movie classic. Sure, it’s not the best films around, but it’s devilishly enjoyable, and the Vista Theatre, in conjunction with Nerds Like Us, will be hosting a 25th Anniversary Screening that’s sure to delight. They’ll be starting right at midnight on Saturday morning, and, as the event organizers note, you’ll be in for a cinematic treat that “serves as a perfect example of the horror/fantasy/sci-fi crossover of the 1990s and Hollywood's lack of original ideas.”

Daft Brunch: Los Angeles

Orlove Entertainment will be hosting this Daft Brunch event at Resident on South Hewitt Street, fit for fans of brunch, but augmented for those who love DJ music to no end. They’ll be spinning tracks from French Touch, Disco House, and Daft Punk (among others) and there will be plenty of food, fun, and dancing all the while. Tickets are only $20, so you’ll be able to eat your fill and enjoy yourself -- even on a budget.

Luck Of The Irish 5K

Perhaps you’re the sort that prefers physical activity while simultaneously helping out a worthy cause? If so, the Luck Of The Irish 5K will be your event of choice this Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s a “virtual race,” meaning that it’s “a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose.” You can put in your miles wherever you choose, and, upon completion, “your medal will be shipped directly to you.” As a bonus, proceeds from this event will be going to the National Hemophilia Foundation, dedicated to “finding better treatments and cures.

Living at Atelier Can Be Fun

When you’re looking for pet friendly apartments to rent in DTLA, places like Atelier benefit from being right in the mix of all, while simultaneously providing residents with the most spacious floorplans and generous building features around. Check it out, and prepare to be rewarded with the very best that downtown Los Angeles living has to offer.