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Pet-Friendly Hotspots in DTLA

Woman seated on the grass in a green park holds and gazes affectionately at her small white dog

As this L.A. Times article so succinctly states, "Downtown has gone to the dogs." Though the article is mainly about residences in the Downtown Los Angeles that have taken to accommodating resident's four-legged friends, it's more than just pet-friendly apartments in Los Angeles that have adopted this approach. Establishments across DTLA have started embracing canine companions. Not just dog parks and pet spas, mind you, but bars, restaurants, and a whole host of other haunts are perfectly fine (albeit with some restrictions) accepting adorable dogs within their bounds. Just where are these pet-friendly hotspots? Let's take a quick tour through a few of the most prominent locations.

DTLA, The Pet-Friendly Paradise

It's no exaggeration. Just a quick search for pet-friendly locations in DTLA will reveal dozens of hotels, eateries, bars, parks, stores, and more. If you're looking to take a trip through the city but don't want to leave your pal behind, these are but a few of the spots you'll want to check out.

A Walk In The Park

Taking your dog to the park is nothing new, but not every park is the pet-friendly haven you might hope. Thankfully there are a few options in the Downtown area that are more than welcoming, like Pershing Square. This park, about the size of one square city block, is positioned around Olive and 5th Street, in the northwest of DTLA. It's known for its impressive outdoor artwork, amazing seasonal events, and, yes, the fact that you can bring your pup for a tour of the fabulous park grounds.

Grand Park L.A. is another great outdoor space that allows pets. According to the park's guidelines: "Dogs are allowed in the park but must be on a leash at all times." So, as long as you've got your pooch on a sturdy tether, you're free to roam the park grounds and take in the sights. Among them the majestic fountain is a popular destination, and watching the water flow from its basin is a wonder to behold. If you'd prefer to let your dog run off leash, though, there's also a section on the Event Lawn, located near the Spring Street entrance, where you may do so. Good for a workout and letting your pup stretch their legs.

A Quick Drink

Not for your dog, mind you (alcohol is anything but friendly to their biology), but, if you'd like to grab a drink while your dog faithfully sits and observes, there are a several places Downtown where you can go. One such establishment is Angel City Brewery. As noted by Thrillist:

"Not only does this hoppin’ Downtown brewery have a huge patio where your little man can sun himself, but the sprawling indoor area at Angel City is also open to tail-wagging bros (excluding the brewing facilities, 'cause that could get messy)."

Angel City makes the area plenty accommodating with ample water bowls and allows you to bring some food to supply your pet. They also hold monthly fundraisers, a kind of communal dog grooming party titled "Barks, Bubbles, and Brews" to support a local animal rescue.

On top of all that, when you head to Angel City, you'll be sure to get a great drink. If there's one thing that Angel City knows (outside of making a comfortable space for their patrons' dogs) it's brewing amazing beer. When you're done, be sure to check out some of the great street art that's present in the area, or any of the other great locations in the Arts District.

A Bite To Eat

If you're a fan of breakfast and brunch with vegetarian flair, you might want to head over to the Zinc Cafe & Market. This cozy spot on Mateo street offers a delicious array of eats and definitely fits the bill of being pet-friendly. A cool outdoor space, great staff and amazing service. What more could you ask for? Some find it a little difficult to park in the area, but that's all the more reason to take a brisk walk over there instead.

A Trip To The Groomer

Your dog will definitely need a good cleaning at some point, and there's no place friendlier than the dog groomer's. You might first try out Muttroplolitan, a trendy spot located on East 2nd Street in Downtown's Little Tokyo area. This forward-thinking, environmentally friendly groomer puts an emphasis on their holistic approach to pet care:

"Our vision is to offer a holistic viewpoint to grooming in a tranquil environment. As pet owners and pet lovers, we want to provide your pet with the utmost quality and care in grooming that we would want for our own pets."

They also offer a full range of professional grooming services to ensure that your dog (or cat) stays in tip top shape. They're far from the only game in town, though, as you might also want to take a trip to Pussy & Pooch, the so-called "modern pet boutique."

This DTLA hotspot is famed for their expert approach to pet grooming along with their array of specialty dog food, cat food, and pet accessories. They also have the notable "Pawbar," a "one-of-a-kind in-store pet cafe offering made-to-order meals." Your pet will have the opportunity to dine in style in a setting fit for a king.

Let's Not Forget The Pet Friendly Apartments In Los Angeles

All the pet-friendly establishments wouldn't do you much good if you didn't have a pet-friendly abode to return to once you were finished checking them out. Atelier, one of DTLA's most modern and luxurious apartment complexes provides. This blend of beautiful city living and outstanding convenience puts you well within reach of all those pet-friendly places you'll want to visit, and is just as accommodating to your furry one in its own right. Among the many amenities, an in-complex pet spa and dog run are sure to be a big hit with your canine companion. Toss in the spacious residences, and you've got a rental space that is like no other in the Downtown area. Come see what all the buzz is about. Explore what Atelier has to find out more.