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Master Minimalism in ATELIER

Minimalist bedroom in an Atelier apartment

Less is always more. Your home should be a place of retreat, and when it becomes overwhelmed with excess items and décor, comfort quickly becomes chaos. Atelier’s thoughtfully designed spaces serve most of your needs already, so anything additional should propose purpose.

Identify Your Style

Adopting a minimalist mindset doesn’t mean stripping your walls entirely. It simply means becoming more selective in what goes on them. A home can be minimalist, whatever the style, so figuring out first where you stand stylistically is imperative. Focus on things such as color, texture and overall feel first, and then develop an intention for the items that will represent those preferences. Creating a mood board is always helpful.

Decide What You Actually Need

While shopping is a treat in itself, letting go of items can also be refreshing. Spend some time considering what you can truly purge, and don’t make excuses for keeping anything. Convinced you need a coffee table but don’t actually like the one you own? Ditch it. Ask yourself the pressing question of whether or not your space could survive without certain pieces. No need to be conventional when you can be creative.

Quality Over Quantity

This might already seem obvious, but we can’t stress the importance of investing over collecting enough. If you decide to add on and purchase something for your home, make sure that it’s a quality item before doing so. With less to distract you, you’ll begin to focus in on the few pieces you do own, and you should be proud of them. Buy the nice sheets and light the good candles.