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Keys To A Successful Soirée

Close up of two champagne glasses clinking cheers

Hosting a party can be both exciting and stressful. You have food, drinks, decor and even things as minuscule as furniture placement to consider. However, these seemingly daunting tasks can be easily simplified with a few go-to tips. Having Atelier as your designated entertaining quarters doesn’t hurt the cause either.

You’re Invited

The act of sending out invites provides you, as the host, with a general idea of how many people you can anticipate buying champagne for. Not only does this help you to prepare enough food and drinks, but it’s also an ideal way to build the buzz with your RSVPs.

Theme It

A great conversation starter is a party theme where your guests take part in creating the ambiance. Themes can also dictate what kind of bites you’ll be serving and ideas for creative cocktails. For instance, a Great Gatsby theme allows for dapper suits and roaring ‘20s themed drinks to flow all evening. Besides, everyone loves an Instagram worthy ensemble.

Pick a Playlist

Nothing is worse than awkward silence or lulls in conversation, and the right playlist can ensure that won’t happen. Your playlist can fit your theme or simply create a mood. Yes, that means your compilation of early 2000s pop ballads can be entirely responsible for getting people moving.

Sip Socially

Having a self-serve bar allows people to get creative with their drinks, prevents crowding and can even be a space where people gather and mingle over recipes they want to share with other party goers. It also means you get to socialize rather than spend your evening behind the bar making vodka cranberries until 2 am.

Ditch the Place Settings

Spending copious amounts of time in the kitchen can be stressful and can keep you from interacting with your guests if you’re busy hovering over the stove. Pre-made or easily constructed appetizers save time, allow guests to continue mingling while they eat and means you get to make a few different things to satisfy everyone’s palate. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself eating 20 of them by the time the evening is over...that’s the fun of bite-sized eats.

Happy party planning.