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Ideal Dog Breeds

A pug puppy looks at a snail on a fence

When it comes to an apartment pet, size matters. Giant paws to match their giant energy won't work for smaller living quarters. When searching for a companion, there’s a lot to take into consideration. We've compiled a list of recommended dog breeds that might make an ideal companion for your pet friendly Atelier apartment.

Boston Terrier

These dogs are ideal for their size and weight. They tend to get hyper, so they need to be walked frequently. However,  if you can keep up with the exercise, Boston Terrier’s make for the perfect apartment pet.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Need  a cuddle buddy to watch TV with? These affectionate pups just want love and attention. Their small size and unwavering loyalty translate into the ideal roommate placeholder.


Known for their petite body type and unique personality, Chihuahua’s are the ultimate roomie. They require minimal exercise and love attention from their owners.


Better known as wiener dogs, these little guys bring all the love and joy to a room. Their adorable appearance and charisma are reason enough to sign your lease with these fur babes.

French Bulldog

Originally bred to be miniature bulldogs, the Frenchie makes for a fun and lively apartment companion. They love to play indoors and live for human contact and interaction.


While the Greyhound is known for their long legs and high energy, they do surprisingly well as apartment pets. After a nice long walk, all they'll want is to sit, relax and watch TV with you. What more could you ask for?


These fluffy friends tend to be a more independent breed, making them a great pet for those who have long work hours. All they require is a quick walk and brushing, and they're instant loyal companions


Last but not least, man’s best friend – the pug. These squishy pups are meant for small living quarters. They are low maintenance, lovable creatures who simply crave companionship and attention.