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Go-To Spring Fashion Pieces

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Trends come and trends go, but throughout it all, most of us want to stay as stylish as possible. With fall coming up, you’ll be able to start preparing for the Spring season faster than you can scour Los Angeles to rent an apartment (at some amazing discount costs to boot). So, if you’re thinking of mixing up your wardrobe for next year, read on, as we hip you to some of the hottest items you’ll want to have in your ever-growing fashion collection.

Awesome Spring Sneakers

Now, we’re not saying Spring is the only time of year when sneakers are appropriate, but there’s just something about the Spring season that brings out the style in a big way. Spring is almost synonymous with color, so snagging a vibrant new pair of kicks will be a solid addition to your Spring arsenal for sure. You can push the envelope with high-end hipster brands, or, if you’re feeling old-school, keep it classic with a fresh set of Converse, Adidas, or Nikes. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

The Practical Spring Jacket

During the Spring, you’ll sometimes run into the interesting conundrum of the temperatures being both too high and too low for certain outfits. The solution? Pack a lightweight jacket with you at all times, so you can throw it off when the thermometer dips and strip it off when the heat’s rising. You wouldn’t want to be caught in public with just any jacket, though. Be sure you stay fashionable with a high-end option that will turn heads wherever you are in the city.

A Cool Pair of Shades

The sun’s shining and the weather is starting to warm, so a pair of shades should always be nearby in case you need them. Fashionable looks are in when it comes to eyewear, and it doesn’t get much more fashionable than some throwback sports shades. They aren’t your only option, though, and you might look just as dashing in a pair of classic Ray-Bans, patterned-frame shades, or even some slim lenses.

Some Well-Fitting Jeans

For men and women alike, Spring is the perfect time to bust out some new denim. This is an item that shouldn’t take much explaining, but at the same time, you’ll want to keep in mind there are so many options out there it might be difficult to make a decision on what you want to pick up for the Spring season. The obvious answer, of course, is to get more than one pair, so that you can mix and match with all your other Spring favorites. With this final piece of the puzzle, you’ll have a lock on the Spring fashion game in no time flat.

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