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Get Ready for Turkey Trot LA

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When you step out of the apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA on November 22nd, 2018, make sure you’re doing it for a good cause. The Turkey Trot — Los Angeles Edition — is back on the calendar, and this fabulous fun run won’t just get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it will be helping out two very special benefit organizations:

“This event benefits the Midnight Mission – an amazing organization that offers a path to self sufficiency to those experiencing homelessness. Register today and help make a difference! Turkey Trot L.A. is also proud to partner with BOMBAS this year. Make a difference in the lives of Los Angeles’s neediest individuals by registering and buying a pair of Bombas socks. For each pair sold, another pair is donated to The Midnight Mission along with a donation of $6.00!”

Helping out two charities by participating in one event? That’s something just about anyone can get behind. Today, we’re going to be filling you in on everything you need to know before you sign up and hit the streets for either the 5K or 10K run.

Turkey Trot LA: The Where, When, and What

The Turkey Trot takes place in Downtown Los Angeles, starting and finishing in front of City Hall, located at 200 North Spring Street. Answering the question of “when” is an equally simple task, as the Turkey Trot will be going down on November 22nd (Thanksgiving morning) from 8:00AM to noon (you can view the full schedule of events here, if you’re so inclined). Now, describing the “what” around the Turkey Trot will take us a bit more in depth, as this is a combination 5K and 10K race, with a shorter mile run (the so called Widdle Wobble) as well for the younglings.

A 5K race, if you weren’t already award, covers a distance of 3.1 miles. How can this be, you might be wondering? The “K” in 5K stands for kilometer. One kilometer is equivalent to 0.62 miles, which, if you add up 5, equals 3.1 miles. By the same logic, a 10K run is 6.2 miles. Active has some interesting facts to help you put both the 5K and 10K distances into perspective. For the 5K, it’s like:

  • Running across a football field (91.44 meters long) 54.68 times
  • Running around all four bases of a regulation baseball diamond (360 feet to round the bases) 45.47 times
  • Running the length of an NBA-regulation basketball court (94 feet long) 174.13 times
  • Running a little less than a fourth of the length of Manhattan (13.4 miles long)

For the 10K, consider the following:

  • You would have to run a football field (including the end zone, which is 109.73 meters) 91.14 times to finish a 10K.
  • King Kong would have to climb the Empire State Building (443.2 meters high, including antenna) 26.25 times to complete a 10K.
  • A tourist would need to scale the Eiffel Tower (324 meters tall) 31.25 times to cover a 10K distance.
  • You won’t be scaling any buildings or running across fields for these races, though. The course maps are right on the Turkey Trot website, if you’d like to take a look. The 5K will take you all around Downtown’s most famous structures:

“The race starts in front of City Hall and loops up and around Grand Park, past Disney Hall and Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. You’ll pass by such notable buildings as the Continental Building (LA’s first skyscraper), The Hellman Building, El Dorado Hotel, Crocker Bank and more.”

The 10K does many of the same portions of the 5K, but adds sights on Grand, Hope, Olive, and Lower Grand, letting you see the new Broad Museum and parts of Disney Hall and Dorothy Chandler. Both will be fun, but you should definitely consider your level of fitness and make sure you’re game before tackling either. Once you’ve decided which to do, it’ll be time to start training, which we’ve also got tips on.

For 5K runners, it’s quite possible to get yourself ready in two weeks. According to Very Well Fit, you’ve but five steps to follow:

  • Try a Run/Walk Approach in Training and the Race — By taking a 30 second walking break every mile, you can increase your overall pace.
  • Run on the Course Before Race Day — This will help you know what to expect and get mentally prepared.
  • Don’t Cram for the Race — You need to avoid going too hard so that you don’t wreck your body before the big day.
  • Plan Your Race Outfit — The idea here is to be comfortable. Race the way you train, and you won’t feel uncomfortable during the event.
  • Rest the Day Before — You should be well rested so that you can give it your all.
  • For the 10K, the above tips are still applicable, and there are 3 additional strategies you should bear in mind, courtesy of Runtastic:

  • Run Several Workouts at Your Race Pace — You don’t have much time to change your physique, but you can figure out what pace you can handle before the run.

  • Get in One Last Hard Workout — Do this five days before the race to give your muscles that boost they’ll need for the intense run.

  • Don’t Overtrain — Again, recovery time is important, so don’t wear yourself out!

No matter which race you decide to participate in, though, make sure you have fun, and remember you’re running it for a good cause. Knowing you’re helping out can provide all the motivation you need to make it across the finish line.

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