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Exploring the A+D Museum

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Is amazing design and architecture something you can’t get enough of? If the answer is yes, and you’re a resident of the fine apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA, then you’re in for a treat. The A+D Museum on East 4th Street celebrates the best of both with peerless dedication:

“A+D’s mission is to celebrate and promote an awareness of progressive architecture and design in everyday life through exhibits, educational programs and public outreach.”

Part museum, part progressive design think tank, this downtown hotspot is all amazing, and definitely a place you’ll want to check out in the near future if you love superb design. Today, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to prepare for a great time when you head over.

History of the A+D Museum

The A+D Museum (pronounced ‘a’ plus ‘d’ if you were curious) was first founded back in 2001, by architects Stephen Kanner and Bernard Zimmerman. Originally, they were located in the historic Bradbury Building on South Broadway, but after said building was sold in 2003, it took them awhile to settle in at a new permanent location.

They bounced around, first to the Sunset Strip, and then later to Museum Row on Wilshire in 2006. They moved again in 2010, to another location on Wilshire Boulevard, until finally, in 2015, they found their home on East 4th Street, a converted Arts District warehouse.

On 4th Street is where you can still find them today, led by Executive Director Anthony Morey and backed by a long list of collaborators, contributors, architects, designers, and board members who help move along the Museum’s agenda and goals.

What Is the A+D Museum?

As the name suggests, the A+D Museum is indeed a museum, and regularly hosts exhibitions related to the topics of architecture and design. Beyond their exhibits, though, A+D is a informational and educational hub encompassing architecture, interior design, landscape design, fashion design, product design, graphic design, and film/theater design.

As part of their goal of promoting education about these many facets of design, the A+D Museum also houses the Stephen Kanner Education Center for Architecture and Design, which helps promote opportunities for learning, growth, and mentorship among LA youth, in conjunction with several other community organizations.

Those exhibits, however, are one of the A+D Museum’s main draws, and probably one of the largest reasons you’ll want to head over there for a visit, so let’s take a closer look at what this institution offers in that regard.

Catching an Exhibit at A+D

It might surprise you to learn that the A+D Museum is the only one to feature continuous exhibits of architecture and design in Los Angeles. Currently, there are five exhibits on display at A+D:

  • Tangle — This exhibition is a showcase of the work of Sarah Jones, featuring an interesting mixture of macro on micro organic shapes, evoking a “joyful fictional biome” that’s equal parts wild, lush, and ordered, while simultaneously exploring the “connection between the unseen and the colossal that surround us.”
  • Notes on Technique — Brought to you by the Preliminary Research Office, Notes on Technique displays six architectural objects, along with “accompanying notes, presenting various methods for assembling and manipulating geometry.” These encompass a variety of drawings, 3D forms, and text, giving you a multi-faceted look at these different creations.
  • Translucent Vaults — An exploration on the implications of the digitization of cultural institutions, Translucent Vaults raises some interesting questions. Are archives being replaced by servers? Are museum steps being replaced by homepages? Are galleries explored through URLs? See the exhibit and find out!
  • Shapes of Fences — Migrant children in the United States are a topic of heated discussion, and A+D broaches this topic with their exhibit Shapes of Fences, which is designed to spread awareness and “remind the audience the statistics do not exist in isolation.”
  • NounObject — Combining “artistically designed products” with art forms like photography, painting, and the like, this exhibit seeks to “give creators a space for expression in a curatorial way,” as a collaborative space where these forms of expression intersect.

You should check their schedule often to learn about new exhibits coming to the museum, and also note that exhibits aren’t the only thing you can enjoy here. There are also special events dotting the calendar, like the upcoming Celebrate Play, which “establishes A+D as the place for creativity and innovation.”

This event will transform the museum into a space for exploration of the imagination, and fun for those in attendance. As a part of this, the museum will be filled with interactive games, live performances, expressive art, and all the trappings that remind us of childhood — a period in life where fun was unbridled and our creativity was allowed to flow without restriction. There will also be refreshments, courtesy of names like Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Angel City Brewery, and William Robert Wines.

And this is just one of the community-focused happenings that A+D puts an emphasis on. Rest assured, there will be many more to follow, and you should keep an eye on their calendar so you can get a heads-up on what’s coming down the pipe. While you’re at it, you might also want to consider supporting A+D and their efforts through the many avenues available.

The museum accepts donations, as most others do, as well as volunteers to assist with visitor services and to make sure that events and exhibitions go off without a hitch. Beyond that, you might also want to look into becoming a member, and joining a “growing community of students, professionals, and other enthusiasts of progressive architecture and design.”

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