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Rodrigo Vargas interior design in kitchen and living area at Atelier apartment

Along with luxury, comes design; both of which make up the heart of Atelier. Our building’s beautiful, yet practical design work is the brain-child of highly revered Interior Designer, Rodrigo Vargas. Known for his elegant creations and unique eye, Vargas has undoubtedly placed his mark throughout 801 S. Olive’s spaces.

Vargas has incorporated a variety of textures and colors, along with utilizing art installations to create a fully immersive experience upon stepping into Atelier.

Clean Lines

The interiors of Atelier are undeniably sleek, and Vargas has integrated those lines with ease. Modern pieces mixed with classic elements make for a clean yet homey feel, even in shared spaces. With spacious windows and greenery spread throughout, he successfully mirrors the outdoors with bright and airy rooms.

Color Coordination

A sophisticated color palette creates an elegant ambience, both in living and common spaces. With carefully selected colors and textures to complement one another, Vargas has turned ordinary living spaces into extraordinary pieces of art. These rich tones lend themselves to a comfort unmatched.


Bold Design

With bold ideas come bold statements, and our wall of carefully selected blue books within our business center is a perfect example of that. Something as seemingly simple as a bookshelf is transformed into a uniquely stunning focal point of poignant color.

Tasteful textiles

 Vargas has employed countless textiles to add to the richness throughout the rooms of Atelier; each becoming their own piece of art. With a motive of luxury, it’s only fitting to have pieces speak for themselves. Utilizing such pieces as Mary Little's sculpted canvases add both a sharpness and softness to the backdrop of our home.

Artful Installations

Nothing makes a more powerful statement than the art pieces that Vargas has carefully curated from various artists and sprinkled throughout Atelier. From the subtle to the strong, each has been placed so strategically. When your home can be mistaken for an art gallery, you must know you’re living luxuriously.

This is Atelier.

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