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Outfits for New Year's Eve

woman holding blue dress up against body and looking at the mirror in a fitting room

New Year’s Eve parties are the perfect excuse to try on a new, dazzling look. Whether you plan on dressing up or dressing down, a cute outfit is an absolute must. There are plenty of parties taking place near the apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA, and these 10 simple but cute outfit ideas are guaranteed to have you looking your best at any event.

1. Staying Formal

Both dinner and cocktail parties often call for more formal attire, but you don’t have to go full black-tie affair to look the part. Take a simple, glittery gold top and pair with a pair of black jeans to start. Next, layer on white blazer, preferable tuxedo-style, to dress up your look.

An exotic print purse and pair of pumps look wonderful with this style, but the real benefit is that you can keep your jewelry to a minimum. With so much sparkle already, stick with a shiny pair of earrings and maybe go the extra mile with a matching necklace. Simple, cute, and all together formal.

2. Dinner Date

If you and your significant other are planning a date night this New Year’s, then the pressure of formal attire is off and the need to look adorable is dire. This simple ensemble is sure to delight your partner by catching their eye and reminding them that you know how to look good.

Take a white silk camisole and match it with your favorite pair of skinny blue jeans. The white top allows you to complete your look with gold accessories and jewelry to create a flirty yet elegant look that’s perfect for date night.

3. Outdoor Party

While outdoor parties aren’t uncommon in the Los Angeles area, it still gets chilly here in December. Piecing together a warm, elegant, cute outfit isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but this ensemble brings it all together.

Start with your favorite pair of jeans and a black, long sleeve shirt. Match the shirt with both a black purse and pair of heeled boots to bring everything together and create that cozy yet dressed-up appeal. Finally, take this outfit to the next level with a faux fur coat to add in a layer of elegance to your look.

4. Dressing Up for a Night Out

If you want to dress up to the nines for a night out, then this outfit is for you. Start with a pair of black skinny jeans (because it’s too cold for a dress), and pair that with glittering gold blazer. Underneath, pick a more elegant tank top, one that could stand on its own if need be.

Pulling the look together is as a simple as a pair of metallic gold heels, diamond or gold earrings, and a fancy clutch purse. The hero of this outfit is the blazer. Not only are they form-fitting, defining your excellent shape, but the sparkly nature of the one for this look makes you the center of attention in any room.

5. Simple Date

If you’re looking to impress a first time or relatively new date, then all it takes is a cute top and some shiny jewelry. Pick a pair of darker jeans to match with a lighter colored tunic-style shirt. This light-hearted, fun look allows you to color coordinate your purse while wearing any silver jewelry you choose for a dazzling effect.

Pairing this with an open-toed heel or simple pump works best, but don’t choose anything too flashy. The goal is to let your jewelry do the trick. Who can resist the allure of shining silver, right?

6. Clubbing

Sometimes, you just need to let loose one New Year’s. If you’re ready to get down and dirty on the 31st, give this club-ready look a try. It’s refined and flashy all at the same time.

Start with a pair of black skinny jeans to show off your physique. Next, pick a metallic silver top to make you stand out in the crowd and under the lights. The shoes are your call since you’ll be on your feet most of the night, but stick with silver jewelry to make your outfit stand out even more.

7. Dinner with Friends

As you might have guessed, this outfit starts with a versatile pair of blue jeans. Comfort is key here, but skip the boyfriend jeans look and go with something more form fitting. Why? Simple. You’ll be pairing it with a flowy top.

A lacy tank top is recommended, but you can go with anything that flows if lace isn’t your style. Pair that with a warm velvet jacket, preferably black, and follow that up with a pair of gladiator heels. A pair of black and silver earrings pairs perfectly with this outfit, but the real treat is mix-matching your purse. Go with any color you want!

8. Dinner with Friends: Round Two

If you want something a little more formal for your friend’s night out, then try this look on. Swap the blue jeans out for black, then pair them with flowing printed top. Swap the black jacket for a red blazer and your earrings for dangling ones that match the jacket. Black clogs and a purse to match the top complete this look, leaving you dinner and mingle ready.

9. Elegant Party

Some events call for strictly formal attire, but you can still ditch the dress and the cold with this number. Start with gold skinny jeans, but pick something matte over a shiny pair. Follow that up with cute white top and a white tuxedo jacket.

Pair your jeans with gold earrings and a gold clutch purse. The combination of white and gold stands out as elegant, but this outfit is still incredibly cute. With a pair of black heels, you’ll impress even the classiest of crowds.

10. Visiting Family Whether you’re dining at home or headed out on the 31st, this outfit is perfect for family get-togethers. Pick a pair of comfortable blue jeans and a cozy knit sweater to start. Match you shoes with your earrings, then complete the look with a fashionable furry vest. This outfit is as comfy as they come without sacrificing style.

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