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DTLA's Most Loved Sushi Spots

Close up of plate full of sushi rolls with chopsticks dipping a piece in soy sauce

Sushi is a food group that resonates with DTLA'ers more than we'd probably like to admit. The simplicity of fish on rice coupled with the sense of adventure when opting for this fresh dining option is enough to satisfy even the biggest foodie. Fortunately for us, our big city playground is surrounded by sashimi hot spots & sake safe havens.

Sakana Sushi Lounge DTLA

Distance from ATELIER:  a 3-minute walk

Sakana's contemporary and elegant setting coupled with its creative Japanese cuisine is enough to keep us coming back for more. The team selects real fish on a daily basis and thoughtfully perfects them into unique and flavorful sushi rolls. Not to mention, when you order any roll on Sunday, you receive the second one free. Table for two, please!

SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa

Distance from ATELIER:  a 5-minute walk

SUGARFISH is the creation of the legendary Los Angeles sushi chef and restauranteur, Kazunori Nozawa of Sushi Nozawa fame.  This go-to of ours focuses on the purity of basic ingredients, rather than distracting from the authenticity of the fish with extravagance. Guests can choose from three core menus called Trust Me’s, and after trying these specialties, you will always trust this menu.

KazuNori: The original Hand Roll Bar

Distance from ATELIER:  a 15-minute walk

SUGARFISH's sister restaurant, Kazunori, focuses on one thing and one thing only; hand rolls. Similar to SUGARFISH, Kazunori believes in serving only the freshest of fish and focusing on simplifying menu items, while still showcasing complex flavors. This foodie heaven even harvests its own seaweed, housemade sauces and signature warm rice.

Sushi Gen

Distance from ATELIER:  a 12-minute drive

Sushi Gen is a sushi gem. Your expectations will be exceeded after your first bite in this Little Tokyo restaurant. Their melt-in-your-mouth servings, as well as unparalleled sashimi plates come with quite a fan base. Locals love this spot and are even prepared to wait in line in order to get their fix.