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DTLA’s Best Taco Tuesday Spots

Hand grabbing prepared taco from serving board

When we say Tuesday what comes to mind? If you’re like us, it’s Taco Tuesday. Not only is Taco Tuesday a national treasure of a tradition, it’s the perfect excuse to try some new taco spots around DTLA as well as revisit some of your local favorites. The good news is that your Atelier home in downtown Los Angeles is surrounded by some of the best of the best.

Chicas Tacos

A tried and true destination for some of DTLA’s most delicious tacos, Chicas Tacos obviously had to make the list. There’s not much that’s better than heading over, grabbing your favorite flavors and perching yourself on their iconic outdoor patio. They offer authentic eats that are organic, non-GMO, free range, never frozen and wild caught which all sounds amazing to us. Their Taco Tuesday special of street size tacos and Mexican street corn paired with your favorite aguas frescas is out of this world, we promise.

White Boy Tacos

In living up to what gives them their name, White Boy Tacos prides themselves on having the “Best White Boy style Tacos and Burritos in Los Angeles", which we certainly can agree with. While their hours are unconventional, they’re fitting for a city like DTLA and when night falls, you know where to be. From 9pm - 3am, you can indulge in some delectable bites all while helping give back to the community. They offer a “Tacos For All” ticket program which has given over 1,000 free tacos to those in need and their goal is to never limit, restrict, or cancel the program. Helping out while enjoying Taco Tuesday? Sounds like a plan.

B.S. Taqueria

When it comes to tacos, anything goes and B.S. Taqueria is the perfect example of that. They offer an amazing blend of long-established tradition, local flavors and contemporary approaches that fill their menu. They like to say their flavors are “authentically inauthentic” and definitely represent a native’s view of DTLA’s rich diversity. From unique takes like mushroom and garlic tacos to the classic carne asada, there’s something for everyone. The visit is always a fun one but for those looking for a night in, they have taco 10 packs that you can fill with your favorites. One many tacos is too many?

Guisados DTLA

Authentic doesn’t even begin to describe the eats at Guisados DTLA. Their homestyle braises on handmade tortillas are unbeatable and are a beautiful glimpse at a tradition that so many love. Not only are is their menu filled with indulgent flavors, but almost the entire thing is gluten free meaning that so many can enjoy the taste without worry. All of their tacos are $2.95 with the exception of seafood options, which are $3.25 so they’re as affordable as they are delightful. Our recommendation? All of them.

Happy Taco Tuesday, DTLA.