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DTLA Spots This Valentine's

 Close up of holdings hands in the park

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and we’re definitely feeling the love. Living in DTLA means having access to endless places to spend date night with your significant other. From the ever so typical dinner date to the slightly unconventional, here’s ideas on how to spend the most romantic day of the year.


The twinkling lights of DTLA make for the perfect romantic backdrop to your evening and Perch is just the place. Grab your S.O., head to the rooftop and soak in the sights. Unbeatable city views paired with an appropriately named cocktail of “Midnight in Paris” can lead to hours of quality time spent blissfully celebrating your love.

Take a Walk

Though slightly cheesy, the idea of a long romantic walk can be just the right thing when deciding on a date activity. Atelier is located just minutes from various spots to get your stroll on like Maguire Gardens, Pershing Square and James Irvine Japanese Garden. Whether you pack a picnic to share at the parks or just spend time in each other’s company while winding through the garden, nothing is more romantic than surrounding yourself with beautiful things to set the mood.

The Los Angeles Theatre

Romcoms have come a long way but there’s nothing like the originals. Thankfully, the Los Angeles Theatre is doing a Valentine's Day screening of one of the most quotable romantic classics of all time, Roman Holiday. So cozy up in opulent yet intimate surroundings, grab your popcorn and prepare to swoon just an 8-minute walk from your home.

Cuddle Up at Home

If going out isn’t your style, your Atelier home can provide you with a luxurious night in. Whether you just light some candles, grab a glass of wine and stream your favorite shows or you head to Atelier’s skyline terrace to lounge poolside under the stars, you can do date night all without having to change out of your most comfortable pjs.

Happy Valentine's Day, DTLA.