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DTLA Art Walk Hotspots

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The idea of lavish, art-filled (and sometimes fine food and alcohol-aided) jaunts through the city have become nearly synonymous with the lifestyle of the downtown LA lofts. Residents of this rapidly evolving part of the city have become accustomed to being able to view the best of DTLA’s thriving art scene during these monthly excursions, and with good reason.

The Art Walk takes its visitors through a selection of the most hip and happening galleries in this portion of the city, with the full list totaling more than thirty. Among those, of course, are some standout options, and today we’re taking the opportunity to showcase ten of these hotspots you’ll not want to miss.

Beta Main

Currently undergoing an upgrade, Beta Main, located on West 4th Street, is a “physical and conceptual space for experimentation in anticipation of the fully realized museum.”

While they work tirelessly on completing the entirety of their vision, which will include “exhibitions, artist residencies, and public programs presented in Beta Main,” you can check out the fine works of their resident artists.

You can even catch some of the workshops and invitational programs they hold. Be sure to sign up for their email list to learn about what’s in store in advance.

Hive Gallery

Time flies, does it not? Hive Gallery recently celebrated its 13th anniversary, clear evidence that the beloved art hotspot is still going strong and the years go by faster than we might expect.

Since 2005, this beacon of creativity has served as a art-lovers hub, featuring “5 featured artists a month, two full galleries, 25 working artists, and an artist-made item store.” You’ll be able to enjoy all of that with a trip to Hive during the artwalk, should you so choose.

Their most recent exhibit, Line Attack 7, showcases the work of twenty of their artists, and opened to some fanfare. Be sure to show some support to this local favorite and consider getting on their mailing list to stay informed about current gallery events.

Please Do Not Enter

Don’t let the name fool you. Making a visit to Please Do Not Enter is actually a decision most wise. The multimedia space is well-respected among those who enjoy a touch of class, in a location that you might say is “appropriately dressed” for its many events:

“Everything in the showroom glimmers and glistens as the famed California light reflects carefully selected sculptures and furniture.”

In a way, PDNE has become one of the beacons of the evolution of downtown, and for that, it has earned a considerable amount of goodwill. Add in the fact that all the work on display there has earned its place, and you’ve a recipe for a creative hotspot that can’t be missed.

FOLD Gallery

Head over to 453 South Spring Street, and you’ll find FOLD Gallery, an establishment dedicated to celebrating the local L.A. artisan scene. As they tell it, they’re no “run-of-the-mill” gallery, placing an emphasis on community above all else:

“We love that our city is so diverse and full of wonderful creatives that have a strong voice and amazing artwork. Our gallery is dedicated to the Los Angeles artist.”

This being the case, you’ll find both antiques and handmade goods from the minds of creatives who were born and have their roots deep in the city of angels.

Miguel Osuna Studio

Famed Mexican-born artist Miguel Osuna has his studio right on the corner of Spring and 4th Street in DTLA’s Historic Core. A master of abstraction, he uses art as a way to shine light in world “often clouded” by human perspective.

Osuna is known for traveling and putting on elaborate showings throughout California, and indeed, the world. His work has taken him to Italy, Germany, and many other dots across the globe.

You’ll find a unique quality to his paintings and other compositions, one which, as the artist so frankly states himself, is “intimate, personal and often theoretical investigations of the fluidity of life.”


Fine art, photography, graphic arts, monographs — you’ll find them all at Fathom, the high-concept gallery located on East 9th Street. As an art publisher, gallery, and studio all in one, Fathom “dives deep into the art ocean,” retrieving stunning pearls for your enjoyment:

“Our mission includes discovering exciting new artists and photographers, revisiting masters from the past, and rediscovering the giants of film, fashion, music, graphic design, plus…”

Their current exhibition includes the works of Karlos Marquez, an esteemed member of the L.A. graffiti art scene since 1983. You can take a look at his well-known Neon Series to get an idea of what you’re in store for when you head off to check out his work.

DAC Gallery

Located at 431 South Broadway, DAC Gallery is one of DTLA’s more “contemporary” art spaces, having just been established back in 2008. Beyond that, though, they’re quite particular about putting the spotlight on those who have yet to gain widespread recognition:

“Our exhibitions focus on mid-career local artists, while bringing attention to a community of individuals whose works are rarely presented to mainstream audiences.”

You’re liable to catch a glimpse of a few artists you’ve never heard of before, and you can get a look at their listing of artists, supporting artists, and learn about the artist in residence program right on their website.

Great Art Is a Common Sight Near the Downtown L.A. Lofts

Should it come as any surprise that DTLA is the epicenter for so much great artwork? The city’s love for the arts is so keenly reflected by pristine buildings like Atelier, that this revelation is one you could have seen coming a mile away.

Masterfully designed residences, five-star building conveniences, and a downtown location that puts those that live here within arm’s reach of all the city’s important happenings — these are the factors that put Atelier on the top tier of places to live in Los Angeles. For those that value comfort and luxury, a closer look is something that can’t be missed.