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Design Muses On Instagram

Two modern designer vases inside Atelier

At Atelier, we understand that design is essential. Driven by this desire to surround ourselves with artistic inspiration and muses, we’ve gathered some of our favorite Instagram accounts in the hopes that your feed will be a better place because of them.

We may be biased, but we’re obsessed with the creations of Rodrigo Vargas. Not only has he helped to transform our very own building, but his work transcends what it takes to make a space a home. For unique snapshots of color incorporation, inclusion of standout art installations and subtle pieces with a strong impact, Vargas is unparalleled.

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Another one of our finds comes directly from our very own Atelier surroundings. Mary Little’s use of textures and illusions makes for stunning pieces to use as the focal point for any room. Her ability to create soft imagery while making such powerful statements allows her sculptural art to fit into any space with ease. Little has mastered uncharted textile territory.

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This Los Angeles based artist is giving us serious musings. The concept of bringing the outside into our spaces is one we love, but one that is often hard to achieve. Justina Blakeney’s grid is the perfect example of creatively refreshing ways to accomplish just that. With thoughtful stylings of plant life, natural elements and the colors that follow, she makes every space look like one we’d want to live (and nap) in.

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When we have a vision but don’t know how to execute it, we look to Emily Henderson to give us the motivation we need. Her Instagram is filled to the brim with tips and tricks for styling your space both thoughtfully and meticulously. From glimpses into designed spaces to room mood boards, we can’t help but scroll through her collections when we feel the urge to simply, “do more.”

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Are you inspired yet?