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Day Trips Worth Escaping To

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'Our vibrant downtown playground is constantly bursting with things to do. However, in the case that you’re craving something outside of the city norms, your LA surroundings also offer up some worthwhile alternatives.

Griffith Park

This one might seem obvious, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Griffith Park is just 20 minutes from downtown and provides dozens of activities at a convenient proximity. From bike rentals and hiking to the Griffith Observatory, this accessible backdrop is no stranger to the term, “carpe diem.”

Catalina Island

A 30-minute drive and an hour ferry ride places you at one of California’s most desirable day trip spots. Snorkeling, scuba diving and sunbathing just scratch the surface when it comes to getting your Vitamin D fix. Besides, who doesn’t love having island access so close to the city?

Joshua Tree & The Integratron

Both of these bucket-list destinations lie about two and a half hours outside your Atelier abode. Joshua Tree’s distinctly unusual, but beautiful ecosystem is filled with insta-worthy views and hikes. The Integratron, which is near Joshua Tree, is a spectacle in itself. Said to have healing powers and anti-gravity abilities, this 50’s-era themed structure is unique and fascinating all at the same time.

The Painted Canyon

Mecca’s Painted Canyon is just a two and a half hour drive from LA and is as photogenic as they come. Its highly mineralized walls create an array of colors that make hiking through it an unparalleled experience. Once through this canyon, you’ll discover Ladder Canyon, which is also worth adventuring through.

Salvation Mountain

A well worthwhile 3-hour drive from LA is Salvation Mountain. This man-made mountain showcases 28 years of latex painted art and is a sight to be seen. The colorful scene, which rises up in the middle of the desert, has been featured on both National Geographic and The Discovery Channel.