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Classy Costumes For Your Pup

Pug with pink bow resting head on the arm of an armchair

Fall is here, and we’re embracing the comfy sweaters, pumpkin-scented everything and all the social events in between.

However, of all the Fall trends, our favorite by far is the plethora of cute dogs dressed up in even cuter costumes. Atelier's pet-friendly apartment community couldn’t resist compiling some of our favorites in the hopes that they inspire you and your four-legged friend.

“Pup”kin Spiced Latte

This simple DIY costume is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Posterboard, a pumpkin hat and the ultimate Fall spirit will win your pup ‘best costume.’

Make it a duo: Wear your favorite Fall attire, scarf included, and carry your Starbucks cup in hand. We know how easy this prop is for you already.

For Better or for When They Eat Your Shoes

Who can say no to an outfit this dapper? Wedding bells are ringing in favor of your groom winning all the hearts.

Make it a duo: Wear a white dress with bouquet in hand. (Extra points if you actually wear a wedding gown).

“Bark”fest at Tiffany’s

Bring out the pearls and little blue box, your pup is pure class for this Halloween costume. Spark nostalgia and a night of movie quotes with this gem of an outfit.

Make it a duo: Don a black dress or trench coat and really poof the hair. Iconic.

Whether your pup is showing off a tux or pearls, we’re confident that you’ll be the talk of DTLA.