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Bring The Outside In ATELIER

Two succulents in a wood box next to a window

As our warmer LA weather approaches and we spend more time outside, the need to brighten up our ATELIER space becomes ever present. Natural light, softer textures and brighter palettes are all essential in transforming your space into a naturally-inspired oasis.

Plant Life

The simplest way to create a fresh and natural feel within your living space is by incorporating greenery and plants throughout. Hanging plants can work as artwork for bare walls, while tying in a fresh element to your home. Potted shrubbery or thin trees act as fillers for empty corners, and herbs are both practical for cooking, as well as complementary to vacant counter spaces. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, opt for succulents, which typically only require watering once a month.

Color & Texture Selection

Another seamless way to mirror the outdoors is through accent colors. A palette full of greens, blues, yellows and neutral additions make for a lighter, airier feel. Wood furniture and natural textures such wicker, bamboo and even marble make for the ideal materials in helping to complete your desired nature-inspired look.

Natural Light

One of the easiest adjustments to make when attempting to bring the outdoors in is to literally, let it in. Take advantage of your Atelier floor-to-ceiling windows, complete with roll-down treatments, and allow the natural light to soak up your space. When you have access to views like ours, focusing on these kinds of inclusions are not only necessary, but also incredibly convenient.

Entice Your Senses

Smell tends to be one of the first impressions we’re greeted by, as well as one of the most lasting ones. Convert your place into a relaxed retreat by implementing natural scents through essential oils. Diffusers are an effortless way to do so.