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Best Dressed Holiday Homes

skeleton and evil pumpkins halloween decor

As the end-of-the-year holiday season fast approaches, many of us around the apartments in LA are getting geared up for a few whirlwind months of furious decorating. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shortly after will offer plenty of opportunities to dress our homes in a hip and appropriately-festive manner.

Even though the confines of an apartment space don’t provide the same prospects in terms of decorating outdoors, there’s still much you can achieve in transforming your home on the inside. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at a few inspirational home decorations to give you ideas on how you can take your holidays to the next level.

For Halloween

Halloween is the time for frights, horror, and a few friendly scares, so your decorations around this holiday should be geared toward maximum terror (in the most family-friendly way possible, of course) or the ultimate in over-the-top cool.

With that in mind, take a look at’s roundup of extravagant Halloween homes, each of which features decorations that go beyond the usual “carve a pumpkin and throw up some cobwebs” routine.

Now, while it might not be possible for you to build a giant set of Transformers or full-fledged Star Wars replicas and display them in your apartment, there are some ideas you can pluck from this array of stunning homes.

Jack-O-Lanterns, for instance, are an easy thing to make on your own, and if you have the time and creativity, you can get to carving up an impressive array of various pumpkin-faced expressions to show around your living space.

Similarly, decorations like creepy baby dolls, spiders, grim reapers, and the like, are simple enough procure and put up inside of your apartment. You might even go the extra mile and invest in a few of these decorations that move without warning, providing an unwelcome (but hilarious) surprise for any visitors you might have.

Then there are a few of those stand-by Halloween decorations you can employ, courtesy of The Strategist. Cloths, cobwebs, and colored lights are probably all things you saw growing up, but there’s also something in there that could add an unusual bit of flair to your Halloween setup — digital decorations.

Grab a projector, point it at a wall or hanging sheet, then let those premade effects work their magic, terrorizing passersby or anyone brave enough to enter your now “spookified” apartment. You’ll be the talk of Halloween — particularly if you and your friends decide to hold the eventual costume party at your place.

For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is like the embodiment of the Fall season in a single day, so many of your “Thanksgiving specific” decorations are ones that you can rely on all Autumn long, as you can see from checking out this [Pinterest board full of Thanksgiving decor ideas]{

Pumpkins, as you can see, will still be taking center stage — though these are ones you won’t need to carve. For variety, you can find a few of these members of the Cucurbitaceae family in numerous colors, livening up your apartment space.

Other “harvest style” flora should be making an appearance, including fall flowers like mums, multi-color tree leaves, ornamental grasses, aster, and more. You can incorporate these as they are, snipped and placed into a vase as a centerpiece, or even on the ever-present ornamental fall wreath to hang on your front door.

Throughout it all, though, remember to keep symbolism firmly in mind as you plan and execute your Thanksgiving decorations. From the wheat to your holiday candles, nearly everything has some significance that relates back to giving thanks. If you can show that you’ve put as much thought into what your decorations mean as you have into how they look, you’ll have upped your Thanksgiving decor game by leaps and bounds.

For Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so be sure to bring plenty of cheer into your decorating for Christmas once it rolls around. Now, while we can pull up plenty of examples of all-out exterior Christmas decorating (they have contest for light, for goodness sake), we’d prefer to turn our attention inward and beckon you to check out these amazing Christmas living rooms to gain your inspiration this year.

See all the ideas you can pluck from those superbly decorated interiors? The bold colors are an excellent way to break away from the traditional and grab some eyeballs while still staying true to the spirit of Christmas. Pick out a simple base like white, then let the accent colors of your choosing “pop” and seize the attention your apartment space truly deserves.

Incorporating “vintage” set pieces is a way to give your home some rustic holiday appeal, harkening back to a simpler time and introducing an element of old-school family friendliness that will come in handy if you have children.

Adding a bit of shine with metallic ornaments is also eye-catching. You can vary up the tints on your metals to achieve some diversity, and, as the guide states, this is a great look if you want something that’s simultaneously festive and calm, or have a neutral-colored home that you’d like to remain that way.

Then, of course, you could always go with the traditional Christmas look. The big, green tree, plenty of red decorations (and multi-colored lights), a chuckling Santa Claus statue, delivering the holiday cheer along with his load of presents, and the assortment of pinecones and stockings littered around your apartments.

Regardless of which way you decide to go with you Christmas decorations, though, remember that happiness and positivity will help you seal the look. Keep it light, keep it festive, and your next-level Christmas decor will take on a life of its own.

Make the Apartments in LA Look Amazing

Now that you have a few sources of inspiration to draw from, you should have no issues decorating your apartment like never before. At fine apartment communities like Atelier, your ability to decorate is enhanced even further by the outstanding layouts and spacious interiors your living space provides, so be sure to make the most of it when transforming your apartment into the perfect holiday-themed paradise.