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Best Breakfast Places In DTLA

Close up of handheld knife spreading butter on toast held above a plated breakfast

Who doesn’t love breakfast? For many, it’s the most beloved meal of the day, and if you’ve been lucky enough to rent an apartment in Los Angeles, you might already know there are more than a few places that have some rather fine breakfast cuisine on offer. Just where in the city should you go if you’re looking for quality eats to start the day?

“L.A. is rich in places offering great breakfasts every day of the week, so you don’t have to wait for Sunday brunch to roll around to enjoy an excellent morning meal.”

While it might not be possible for us to cover all of the options you have throughout the whole of Los Angeles today, we can focus our attention on a particular portion of the city, DTLA, and pinpoint some of the wondrous breakfast options you’ll be raring to try. Let’s begin.


Located right on South Los Angeles Street, this popular brunch spot, BrunchDTLA, keeps it simple and contemporary for a breakfast experience that is out of this world:

“Stopped by for breakfast. Amazing hash with mixed veggies and tender steak, with perfect eggs on top. Nice hot sauce too. Sweet potato waffles were also good, as was service.”

Those who grace the doors of this establishment regularly know of Chef Michael Korchmar well, and praise the inventive culinary artist as a master of the craft. Through BrunchDTLA, he’s been delivering amazing eats since opening up shop in 2016. If you’ve been searching for something that’s equal parts hipster and casual, this will be the morning spot for you.

Poppy + Rose

A Southern-style diner right in the middle of DTLA’s Flower District? So says LA Mag in their first look at this “hidden gem” back in 2014:

“When you head to Downtown’s bustling flower market, you usually have one item on your mind—and it’s not chicken and waffles. That might soon change with the debut of Poppy + Rose, a homey diner open for breakfast and lunch tucked between two vast warehouses which offer fresh flowers to the public every morning.”

Now, years down the line, that proclamation seems rather prophetic. Poppy + Rose is well-known for their country kitchen favorites, “seasonally inspired, classic American comfort food made with fresh ingredients” and widely enjoyed by their many patrons.


Coffee, donuts, and chicken -- this is the trinity that forms the basis of Birdies’ fame. The brainchild of Chef J, they’ve got a penchant for cooking up chicken in the most creative and tasty ways possible. From simple leg and thigh dishes to the chicken breakfast sandwich, you’ll likely find all of it to be sublime. Add to that the vibrant atmosphere and friendly vibe, complemented by the “commissioned works of local artists,” and you’ve got a recipe for a modern yet casual spot that will fulfill the most ravenous of breakfast desires and make it look like a walk in the park.

Blu Jam Cafe

Freshness is the Blu Jam Cafe’s ultimate goal, so much so that they have “no freezers,” as head chef Kamil “believes in serving only the freshest food with the finest ingredients.” No tricks, no chicanery, and no foolery, they claim:

“From organic, non-GMO tofu for our vegan dishes, to our nitrate-free bacon and farm-fresh organic eggs, we always strive to give you the best quality, the best service, and the best experience at all of our locations.”

In DTLA, you’ll find them on Spring Street, not far from Pershing Square, ready to serve up the morning goodness at your request (though you can get breakfast at any time here, a definite plus). You’d do well to try out the Brunch Carbonara or Italian Breakfast for a real treat.

Grand Cafe

Comfortable, and, of particular note, located within the Omni Hotel, the Grand Cafe is a Californian classic that delivers a kind of upscale-casual twist on the breakfast experience. Patrons make note of the high availability of seating, upbeat staff, amazing service, and delicious meal options:

“Grand Café has a comfortable bistro setting and is open daily, serving breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday and a special weekend brunch buffet Saturday and Sunday.”

All manner of entrees, salads, and sandwiches await, and all are made using seasonal, local ingredients that ensure a high degree of quality and freshness.

Vintage Cafe

Is it possible to combine a, Italian restaurant, market, and patisserie in one location? If you’re Bottega Louie, then the answer is a definitive “yes.” Located on Grand Avenue, this restaurant looks like an elegant, upscale, and distinctly European eatery nestled in the heart of DTLA. While The Infatuation’s most recent review was none-too-kind to the fact that the bar at Bottega Louie has been “slipping,” patrons still love the mid-morning fare here, which brings a variety of breakfast entrees, a la carte favorites, and delicious pastries. Most notable here are the delectable macarons -- one of the first things you’ll notice when you enter.


If the audacious name wasn’t enough to capture your attention, perhaps the fact that this gourmet breakfast spot was “inspired by a true love for eggs” will? Eggslut proudly proclaims they make the “Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich,” overflowing with delicious eggs, cheese, and whatever else you might desire, a statement that outlets like Zagat seems to back, calling their offerings “sandwiches on steroids,” in addition to a few other colorful adjectives. Sure, you’ll have to wait for your meal (they compare eating here to sitting in stop-and-go Los Angeles traffic) but that wait, by all accounts, is well worth it.

Just Another Reason To Rent An Apartment In Downtown Los Angeles

Of course, leaving places as comfortable and feature-rich as Atelier will be a struggle, but at least it’s one that’s aided along by having such an amazing variety of fine eateries in close proximity. No matter what it is that fits your fancy, chances are you’ll find something to fit the bill in Downtown Los Angeles, so be sure to check out fine communities like Atelier before you make you big move to hip and happening DTLA.