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6 Reasons to Love DTLA Living

Downtown LA skyscrapers against bright blue sky

Are you ready for a major change in your life? Maybe you live in a small town and you’re sick and tired of the dull, boring lifestyle that you grew up to lead. Or maybe you just want some more excitement and adventure in your life and you’re willing to move into DTLA Apartments for rent in order to finally get in on the action.

Whatever your reasons for moving to downtown Los Angeles, please know that this part of the city is undergoing a major renaissance. Sure, the riffraff are still roaming the streets, but the city itself has never been safer.

Are you still unsure about moving to downtown Los Angeles?

Check out seven reasons why we feel downtown LA is the perfect place to live if you have the right personality and temperament and sense of adventure.

Experience Beautiful Architecture in DTLA

When walking through downtown Los Angeles, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by this great sense of history. More often than not, it’s the beautiful architecture scattered throughout the city that makes us feel overcome with these emotions.

The Hotel Cecil is a prime example.

First developed in 1927, the Hotel Cecil is now considered a downtown landmark in Los Angeles. If you plan to visit LA for a short while, this is one of the premier locations for affordable downtown hotels.

At one point, this hotel had a dark past. But the surging popularity of the hotel seems to have overcome its negative history.

Other beautiful architectural landmarks in downtown Los Angeles include: Pershing Square, the Biltmore Hotel, the Bradberry Building, the Subway Terminal Building, the Angels Flight Funicular, the Million Dollar Theater, the Grand Central Market, and much more.

Luxury Living in DTLA Apartments

Sure, LA is a great city to live in. Nobody is trying to dispute this fact. But what you might not realize is that there are some amazing luxury apartments in downtown Los Angeles.

As a matter of fact, our personal favorite is called Atelier.

When they designed this building, they did it with the intention of making life easier and more enjoyable for its residents.

It boasts of many resort-style amenities that everyone will appreciate, and the interior of the apartments are truly stunning.

Some of our favorite amenities include: 24 hour concierge in a boutique lobby, a spa, a swimming pool, and a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, a screening room, a clubroom, conference rooms, a yoga terrace, and much more. You can also enjoy the fire pits, bocce court and more on the BBQ & Game Terrace.

As far as individual apartment interiors are concerned, many look at them as a beautiful blank canvas. Some of the luxurious interior apartment features include: stainless steel appliances, Italian cabinets, hardwood flooring, washer and dryer stacked appliances, a balcony, chrome plumbing fixtures, and many other enticing features that tenants truly love and appreciate.

Enjoy Tantalizingly Tasty Fine Dining in Downtown LA

As you can probably imagine, downtown Los Angeles has some of the finest dining establishments that money can buy. These quaint and quirky eateries serve the tastiest, healthiest, and most delectable dishes that you have ever known.

When you move to DTLA, you will want to enjoy eating out at many of these wonderful restaurants. There are so many amazing options to choose from that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Some of our all-time favorite restaurants in downtown Los Angeles include the following: Faith & Flower, Little Sister, Redbird, Takami, The Stocking Frame, Whole Foods, Water Grill, Sugarfish, Perch, Baco Mercat and many more delectable and healthy options to choose from.

Forget about sitting at home on a boring Tuesday night. Get together with family and friends and pay a visit to one of these amazing DTLA restaurants. You will absolutely appreciate the wonderful experience.

Partying on Rooftops during Happy Hour Is a Thing in DTLA

Do you appreciate wild, invigorating nights? You never know what’s going to happen during happy hour in DTLA.

One of our favorite things of all is enjoying fun filled and exciting happy hour experiences at some of the incredible establishments in the city.

If you enjoy drinking and eating great food during happy hour on building rooftops, then you’ll definitely enjoy going to The Standard or Perch.

So check out downtown LA sooner rather than later once you finally move here. You are going to love the amazing experiences to come in your not-too-distant future.

Never Run Out Of Fun Things to Do in DTLA

On a personal level, many the people living in downtown Los Angeles love this place because there is so much to do. Even if you end up bored out of your mind on a Wednesday evening, you only have to continue being dissatisfied if you stay home instead of exploring this great city.

In fact, rarely is there ever a dull moment in downtown Los Angeles. As mentioned, there are so many great things to do.

Some of the best places to explore and have a great time include the following: Union Station, the Broad Museum, the Last Bookstore, the Orpheum Theater, the LA Public Library, Grand Park, Grand Hope Park, Elysium Park, Dodger Stadium, Club Nokia, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Staples Center, and much more.

As you can clearly see, there are so many amazing places to explore. You’ll never run out of interesting things to do when living in downtown LA.

Buy Discounted Essentials While Living a Luxury Lifestyle

You might not know this, but there are many wonderful places to shop for the essentials while living in LA. And these essentials are more than affordable, which is great because you’ll be able to get them at a discounted rate.

Visit Grand Central Market, the Flower District, the Fabric District, and the Fashion District to take advantage of the amazing opportunities for discounted goods.


DTLA apartments for rent are plentiful yet they are in high demand. To truly take advantage of the good life, we highly recommend moving into a luxury apartment building in this beautiful section of the Los Angeles landscape.